I keep a public data page, generally speaking, because I find it motivating in a bizarre and inexplicable way to make my goals and progress public, and also because I’m often curious about how and when and where and why and how often and how far other cyclists ride. Also, Strava has turned me into a horrible KOM-chasing data whore even though I don’t have a single KOM to my name yet*.

As such, you’ll find my stats here:

I started using Strava several months ago on my smartphone and found that I really enjoyed its tracking features, “segments” (which I’ve found are great self-challenge motivators), and social element.

I’ve also used several other tracking apps, including Endomondo, which I really enjoyed as well. It, too, has a good social features, and its Android app has a nifty “Audio Coach” feature that can keep you apprised of your progress while you’re riding without keeping your phone’s display turned on the whole while**.

In the end, Strava won out largely because I really liked its website and the “segment” concept. I also already knew a bunch of people who were using it. I now use a Garmin Edge 200 unit for ride tracking which ties in very nicely via the website’s “Upload Activity” function.

*: In fact, I did have a KOM for a good long while, I just didn’t realize it! It was a really, really slow time on a local climb where I wasn’t even trying, and someone recently bested it by nearly 10 minutes.
**: I no longer track by phone, and I still miss my Audio Coach! That said, if you use a Garmin or similar GPS-tracking device, you can upload data easily to both Strava and Endomondo. I use Strava for training data, but I’m currently also uploading to Endomondo to help out Team BikeCommuterCabal in the National Bike Challenge. Go Zombie Raccoons!

  1. I have been following your blog a little while and have recently started using Strava so am following you there too. Hope that’s all cool

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