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See more styles The RideLit L.E.D. provides clear, obvious visibility for people who cycle at night. Its adjustable elastic band attaches to your ankle to create a moving circle of light or can be attached to the handlebar or bike seat post. Other online retailers PRODUCT INFORMATION Cyclists who r…

Awesome Helmet Light

By Cyclotron – Aspiring Road Racer from Louisville, KY on 1/8/2012
4out of 5

Pros: Weatherproof, Adjustable, Bright

Cons: Hard to activate

Best Uses: Bike Taillight, Helmet light rear, Backpack light

I ride my bike to university — a trip of 20 miles (32 km) each way — and almost everywhere else. I also race and ride recreationally, which means lots of hours in the saddle. That sometimes means riding in the dark.

My bike is decked out with an array of lights, but I prefer to use a helmet light as well — and with my current helmet, it was really hard to find a light that would fit.

Enter the Nite Ize RideLit: I can run its stretchy, adjustable strap through my helmet’s rear vents no problem. The clip that keeps it closed stays out of the way, tucked into a vent. Problem solved!

The light itself is highly visible. I run it in blink mode whenever I’m out on the bike — it helps drivers see me in the dark, in overcast conditions, or sailing through underpasses. It also seems to be impervious to rain, a real bonus for year-round riders.

Battery life is quite long. I’ve had it for several months, running up to four hours at a stretch on long rides — it finally ran out after I inadvertently left it on all night.

I have only one complaint: you really have to squeeze this puppy to light it up, and that makes it really tough to turn on when you’re wearing winter gloves. However, that also means it doesn’t accidentally activate when you stow your helmet or bump it on something.

I’m very satisfied with this product. It’s effective, economical, and sturdy — an excellent companion for anyone who spends a lot of time on the bike.

Well done, Nite Ize!

Nite Ize RideLit mounted on Spiuk Zirion helmet


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