Review: Nashbar S2 Bib Shorts

In mid-July, I ordered a pair of Nashbar’s S2 bibs, thinking that I’d round out my collection a bit.

Instead, I am now forced to replace all my other regular bib shorts with these! Curse you, Nashbar!

One might ask, “Well, what’s so great about the S2 bibs that you’re going to have to swap out everything in your wardrobe?”

First, the fit. Supportive, but not constrictive. I’m 5’8″ and 166 lbs, thighs top out at around 24″, waist 32″ or 33″ (seems to vary, or maybe I suck at measuring), so I threw a dart and ordered size medium. It’s perfect.

Second, the chamois. It’s awesome. I realize that chamois preferences are highly individual — so if you like a thicker chamois, these may not be the bibs for you. For me, however, this chamois is perfect. Enough 3D relief to keep the air flowing, enough padding to prevent one’s ischia from drilling holes in one’s saddle during more-upright moments, but thin enough to forget about and small enough that it doesn’t bunch up.

Third, no leg grippers! To be honest, it’s possible that I’d buy another two pair of these for that feature alone.

I have another pair of shorts from another manufacturer (which shall remain nameless) that are also size medium. The fit is great *except* for the leg grippers, which were clearly intended for someone with much smaller thighs than mine. They apply a fearsome death grip to my quads, and it is not comfortable.

As result, I now often order my shorts a size up, but that can create problems with excessively long straps (I am short-coupled) or, worse, over-large chamois. Nashbar’s gipper-less design means I can now order a size that fits and not worry about my lower legs dropping off mid-ride from lack of blood flow.

Other strong points:
In short, since these arrived, my other bibs have lingered neglected in a drawer, all but forgotten, like dreams of overlarge chamois that have vanished in the morning light.

I’ve effectively worn, washed, and dried these every day since I bought them. They’re holding up beautifully.

The contrast stitching looks sharp.

I like the little isthmus that connects the bib straps in the back.

Overall, exceptionally thoughtful design and a great product at a great price.

Now I just have to find room in my budget to replace all my other bibs!


One last tidbit that I didn’t include in my review as submitted to the Bar of Nash: these shorts make my butt look great.

Just sayin’.

(Pictures forthcoming.)

Edit: I forgot the disclaimer. I paid for my Nashbar S2 bibs myself (I used a discount code, so I didn’t exactly pay full price, but close enough); Nashbar, meanwhile — except for the fact that I order stuff from them a few times a year — doesn’t know me from Adam.

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