Initial Review: Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris Running Shoe

Tonight I got a little run in on the treadmill.

Since this involved first clearing all the accumulated detritus (including, oddly enough, an ottoman) from the treadmill, I got a bit of a shuffling-things-around workout as well. Once I had that sorted, I did 30 minutes at an easy jogging pace with a little warm up and a little cool down. Chased the whole thing with a bunch of stretches.

My new running shoes — a pair of Mizuno’s Women’s Wave EVO Cursoris shoes in electric pink — performed as nicely on the treadmill as they did on the pavement on their solo voyage.

According to the product description on, they’re designed to “facilitate transition to a midfoot stride;” since I run that way anyway, they’re much more comfortable for me than are shoes designed for folks who prefer a heel-strike landing. I don’t think there’s necessarily one right way to run that will work for everyone, so if you’re a confirmed heel-striker and that’s what works for you, these may not be your ideal shoes. That said, they are a very light, fairly “minimalist” shoe that gives you a good feel for surface beneath your feet, so they might be worth a shot if you’re looking to shave off some grams (do runners do that?) and maintain good ground feel.

Reviews online note that these shoes pack a wide toe box, and they’re right. They’re like duck feet! Initially, I was concerned that the wide toe box might not work for me, but it actually does. The midfoot narrows enough to keep everything in place, and that wide toe box leaves a ton of room for heat to dissipate. The idea is to feel like it’s not there, and that’s pretty much how things work out. My feet feet pretty happy in there, with plenty of room to breathe.

The enormous and numerous ventilation holes are also nice: the upper is basically a double layer of mesh. This keeps your feet from overheating both during indoor workouts and, presumably, when it’s warm outside. I look forward to seeing how they fare this summer.

The color, of course, is fierce. I have owned pink shoes before (my little rubber slip-on shoes that I bought to bring with me on bike-camping trips are black with shell pink accents), but I have definitely never owned hot pink, yellow, and black shoes with iridescent leopard print accents before. I think Mom was surprised that I bypassed red shoes and bought pink ones (the red ones didn’t suit my feet as well), and I’ll admit that a part of me thought, “These shoes may be to femme even for me,” but they’ve really grown on me.

Retail on these puppies appears to range from around $80 to around $120. I got them at TJ Maxx for something like $40, which is a pretty nice price. They had quite a few pair available at the Wethersfield Shopping Center TJ Maxx, so if you’re in the area and in the market for new running shoes, you might give them a look.

Thus far, I really like these guys. I think they’re going to work out well for me. I can’t even say I did my homework before I bought them; it was pretty much a whim — buy some inexpensive running shoes a quick jog while on vacation. It seems like I picked a pair of winners.

In a Nutshell: Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Minimal drop
  • Good ground feel (minimal “padding”)
  • Well ventilated
  • Ideal for mid-food landing runners

In a Nutshell: Cons

  • Probably not ideal for heel-strikers
  • Not really suited for outdoor runs in cold weather

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