My (Sort Of) Beautiful Ballet: First Class at LBS

In this case, that’s Louisville Ballet School, not Local Bike Shop.

Needless to say, while I have not forgotten everything, there is much I shall have to relearn in terms of, well, terms.  Also balance. There will be much practicing of Barre exercises at home.  Furthermore, I have reverted to the level of confusion about port-des-bras that I enjoyed when I was, like, seven – only now I understand my own learning style a lot better, so with a little study that should resolve pretty quickly.  I am also evidently not great at counting to four while moving my feet, but I think that will resolve itself as we progress.

Fortunately, I have somehow retained more flexibility than I expected –  cycling and running can really tighten things up.

Also fortunately, Denis survived his first class and went along gamely for as long as he could.  He got dehydrated and took a break during the across-the-floor part only class.  For someone with no dance background who normally gets very little continuous exercise, I think he did very well.  I also managed to concentrate on what I was doing instead of worrying about him the whole time.  Next time, we will bring water and he will feel a little more at home than he did this time.

We did not end class with reverence, but we did give our lovely teacher a round of applause afterwards.  If I catch up the finances this week I can go to class on Saturday as well.   I am very much looking forward to that!

That’s it for now.   Keep the rubber leather side down.

Strengths This Week:

Points to Work On:
Chaines Turns

Edit: Sorry about the crazy typos.  I wrote this entry last night on my phone, which has a little thing that I like to call “Autocorrupt.”  I’ve been fixing and re-fixing it ever since…

About asher

Me in a nutshell: Standard uptight ballet boy. Trapeze junkie. Half-baked choreographer. Budding researcher. Transit cyclist. Terrible homemaker. Neuro-atypical. Fabulous. Married to a very patient man. Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2015). Proto-foodie, but lazy about it. Cat owner ... or, should I say, cat own-ee? ... dog lover. Equestrian.

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  1. Interesting! I wonder if ballet can also translate into cycling in some way or another, the way running and cycling are complementary. Mental discipline is a given; now I’m wondering about physical stuff.

    Good for you!

    • Thanks! Certainly, they both give me good reason to stay fit 😀

      Ballet should help me get my core back together, which will definitely be good for cycling. Staying flexible also helps stave off soreness, in my experience, and ballet is great for flexibility!

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