Sane Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance and Fitness Elitism from Weighty Matters

Yoni Freedhoff is a Canadian MD whose blog, Weighty Matters, touches on issues of health, fitness, some of the problems inherent in the typical North American diet, and related stuff.   Sometimes I agree with him wholeheartedly, and sometimes I don’t, but I like his evidence-based approach to the questions at hand.

Today, he’s running an excellent guest post from one Jonathan Goodman on the problem of elitism in the fitness industry and the culture that surrounds it.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much (too often, articles on the topic in question are disappointing), but Goodman both knows his stuff and knows how to do research (which, as a research nerd, touches my data-driven little heart!).  He also knows how to string together a sentence, which doesn’t hurt.

I haven’t finished it yet, so it still could totally go off the rails — but really I think it’s probably worth a read if you’re interested in related topics.

Weighty Matters guest post: Why Has the Fitness Industry Become Elitist?

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  1. Some great concepts explored in this post you shared. Over the past year I’ve been actively following (double entendre not intended, ha!) fitness news from WSJ, NYTimes, and other mainstream publications and I see what he’s saying. Once I started reading these articles regularly, I can see how fitness and nutrition have evolved into big business. And it is SO trendy! I’ve even had that feeling of needing to get to a certain level of fitness before I can go to the gym, and that is totally ridiculous as that is the POINT of the gym.

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