Birthday Things Too Good Not To Share

Last Wednesday, when I got my new shoes and dance belt, I looked for some knit warm-ups or garbage-bag trousers to keep my hip flexors and various turnout-y muscles warm, but the only ones that the ballet shop had were either too small, waaaaay out of my price range, or both. (I would love a pair of houndstooth foldover warm-ups, but not that much!)

After class on Saturday, I checked out Sansha’s website to see if my shoes were available in leather, and discovered a link to their NY store, which has an online shop. Of course, I had to check that out — so I wandered over there.

To my profound delight, I then discovered that they’re having an enormous clearance sale on all kinds of things, including various warm-ups, legwarmers,and other warm things. (Aside: Am I correct in assuming that the sudden proliferation of men’s and boys’ white ballet shoes on ridiculous clearance in January and February is related to Nutcracker Season?)

I found some foldover warm-ups there for $10, added some other things (including tall silk legwarmers for $5), and wound up spending maybe $35 (including shipping) on four items that will be very welcome in my ballet wardrobe, including a second pair of shoes in a different model that sounded intriguing, but for which I’d be hesitant to pay full price without trying them first.

Anyway, if you need warm-ups, legwarmers, a sweater, tights, or blue satin lace-up pointe shoes (seriously; I’m tempted to order a pair of those just to hang on the wall or something), it’s worth checking out, and shipping is quite reasonable.

Here’s a link:

That’s all. Now I’m going to go back to convincing myself that buying blue satin pointe shoes that I’ll almost certainly never use for their intended purpose is a sacrilege or something. Fortunately, they’re priced at $50, and that’s a fairly strong deterrent.

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  1. Hmmm, I have the idea that I would use pointe shoes for their intended purpose if a teacher would bear the stress to teach a class of would-be-ballerinas pointe…
    Trocs are coming in August to our town…

    • I totally would, but nobody here is teaching an intro pointe class 😦 Someday, perhaps!

      I should check the Trocks’ schedule — we saw them in 2012 and 2014, I wonder if they’ll come again this year!

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