Moar Things

  1. Decided on very subtle costuming for my ballet/lyra piece for Fall Showcase (which is in September): grey tights, white crepe/gauze/whatever-you-call-it shirt. Ordered said tights and shirt.

    Really kind of looking forward to the tights, as I’ve recently figured out that I don’t hate dancing with stuff between my shoes and my feet after all and part of me is like, “YAY, ACTUAL BALLET TIGHTS.” Definitely plan to add suspenders/braces for Lyra purposes, though now I have to figure out where to find said suspenders/braces if they don’t come with the tights (which are the kind that can be used with braces or rolled down a million times).


  2. Hit up Sansha’s New York Store website again. Decided to buy a couple of shirts that were on sale. Checked the sizing chart; nearly had a heart attack about the incredibly-diminutive weight ranges, realized I was looking at the ladies’ chart.

    Turns out I’m squarely  in the middle of the weight range they predict for guys my height, which makes me a Sansha size 6. But still.  Wow. They are definitely thinking Kirov ladies, here. If I was a girl, I’d be an XXL and wouldn’t be able to buy almost anything from Sansha’s website. Bleh.


  3. Ordered another pair of the leather Silhouettes because I think they’re discontinuing them. I haz a sad about that, because they are the BEST SHOES EVER for my particular feet.

    Also ordered a pair in white for the Showcase performance.

    Got a wild hair and added a pair of the stretch canvas shoes, because at this point I’m like, “Might as well,” and also because I was $9 or something short of the minimum order. Maybe I will love them?


  4. Got two free pairs of tights. None of them were useful for me (all ladies’ styles; insufficiently opaque for men in most applications), so I ordered a couple pair that I think might fit at least one of my friends from class. I figured, what the heck? Might as well be the Free Tights Fairy while I’m being the Buying All the Freaking Shoes In A Panic Fairy.


  5. The ballet part of the piece for Fall Showcase is much better now. I still feel like I should put the tour-jeté sequence back into the second phrase, because at the moment there are two bits that basically run flatly back and forth across the stage (stage L – stage R, then back), which still seems kind of boring.


  6. Discovered that I can do renversé, attitude turns, and the necessary balances (pique arabesque, first arabesque to penchébalance à la seconde from pas de chat Italien) on the mats and on the floor. Also that I make myself straighten up and fly-right when I’m half-assing my turns, which I was totally doing at the beginning of Open Fly tonight, because developing even worse turning habits is the last freaking thing I need to do.

Anyway, I should’ve been in bed a billion years ago, so that’s it for tonight.

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  1. “Checked the sizing chart; nearly had a heart attack about the incredibly-diminutive weight ranges, realized I was looking at the ladies’ chart. ” Haha, it would’ve been great to see your face at that moment!

    You made me curious so I went and looked up that sizing chart. And you’re right, those are some minuscule ladies! O.o I fall right between an XL and an XXL which has never happened to me before. I am slightly above average height for both my birth country and my place of residence, but not that much. D: I think we can all start singing “Tiny Dancer” now…

    • I know, right? In American men’s sizes, I’m basically a small in everything except underwear, which I size up because it’s usually constructed for people who are not dancers and thus have no butts.

      Even in the notoriously-small sized field of bicycling kit, I’m a small or medium depending on whether the manufacturer is Italian or not and whether I the garments are “club cut” (slightly roomier) or “race cut” (as aerodynamic as possible).

      In dancewear sizes, I’m often a large, which is usually the second-to-largest size. I don’t understand how guys with a more typical corn-fed American sportsing build buy dancewear at all, let alone how ladies manage. Sansha’s ladies’ sizes are, in a word, wack.

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