Oh, And Awkward Pix of My Yumikos

The names of these colors aren’t “eggplant” and “cantaloupe,” IIRC—but they should be.

I mostly included this one because it’s funny. I was trying to figure out what to do with my arm when the countdown timer ran out. The result looks like a bad attempt at amateur pr0n, complete with cheap pretzels for atmosphere. But, hey, the tights are nice?

A demonstration of exactly how sheer these are: if you bunch up your shirt and tuck it in, the tights will display that fact crisply and clearly. If portions of the shirt kinda roll up, you’ll get little shirt tumors. On the other hand, these tights also show off all those hard-earned dancin’ muscles. Of note, if you wear these, you’ll want to give yourself an extra modesty check. Some dance belts leave NOTHING to the imagination when combined with tights this thin.

Big orange goofball for scale 😀

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  1. Nice cat, nice hair, nice muscles and nice tights! (Not necessarily in that order)
    Also, “shirt tumors” 😂😂

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