If you’ve been playing along at home, you might recall that I casually mentioned something that might either be a cold or really dedicated allergies.

Anyway, I went to class last night, danced pretty well even though I couldn’t hear, speak, or breathe particularly well, then went on to Acro, although my head had begun to hurt.

In Acro, I started out okay, and then the angry weasels that live in my sinuses decided to step up their efforts. I spent the back half of class lying around on the mats with an arm thrown over my eyes and occasionally peering out to check D’s form, which has improved considerably of late.b BOTH of his feet even point at the same time now!

By the time we got in the car to go home, the weasels—presumably still angry, but also invested with a new sense of purpose—had apparently undertaken a major renovation project in my left maxillary sinus and eye socket.

Whatever they’re doing in there, I sincerely hope that they’re improving the design of my sinuses so I won’t be so prone to infections. 

That would be awesome.

Needless to say, no modern for me today, and tomorrow I’m going to the doc to get this looked at in hopes of being functional during next week’s intensive.


*I should probably admit that I’ve spent the past two weeks or so thinking, “I sure hope that [insert x weird thing my head is doing] doesn’t mean I’m incubating a sinus infection,” so it’s not entirely a surprise.

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  1. Next week I finally talk to a surgeon about getting a drill stuck up my nose. It only sometimes goes right through the dura mater but it might actually unblock the major sinuses on the right side that have sealed up completely and become permanently infected. If it works it will almost be worth blowing my nose and feeling my temporal lobes squirt out my ears because they stuck the drill in too far, as long as it clears those fuckin’ sinuses too.

    I’ve only been on the waiting list for five years.

    You yanks don’t know what you’re missing with free universal healthcare.

  2. Ah, sinus infections suck! Get well soon!
    I’ve had those sometimes before having my septum corrected, which wasn’t quite as brutal for me as cabrogal described it (but still gruesome). I still have them, but they clear up within days without antibiotics, so I guess that’s something! Not saying you should get one. But if you’re offered the option, give it due consideration: the operation is survivable and two other people I know were helped by it. Then again, everyone is different.

    • Of course that only applies if you’ve got a deviated septum in the first place.

      Got my septum operation in the early 90s after my brother raved about the improvements he got from his. For nearly a decade I could breathe more easily through it but the infections got worse, probably because irritants and organisms could now get in more easily but the additional problems with the sinuses themselves meant I couldn’t blow them out properly.

      Also the surgeon botched it. For a week or so afterwards you’re walking around with these plastic paddle-pop stick thingies stuck up your schnozz, held in with a stitch through the septum. After they removed mine debris started falling out from between where they’d been. By the time it stopped I had a permanent hole right through my septum. Seems the surgeon cut right through then packed the hole with busted up cartilage in the hope it would grow over. It didn’t.

      And as you can see from this pic, it didn’t really fix the deviated septum either. (click on image to enlarge).

      • D had great success with a deviated septum surgery. I should get mine checked out, but I’m pretty sure mine isn’t deviated—my sinuses are just horrible for the hell of it 😛

        I do have narrow nostrils, so goodness only knows what else might be wrong inside my brain basket.

        Cabro, your septum surgery sounds miserable 😦

      • Yeah. Went private instead of going on a public waiting list so I paid through the nose too.

      • Literally and metaphorically, from the sound of it…

      • If your nose is relatively normal but your sinuses are too narrow then you might be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty. It’s got about the same success rate as regular sinus endoplasty (i.e. 80-90% in the medium term but with 10-20% relapse over 10 years) but it’s a day procedure using local anesthetic with a much lower risk of complications. Been around for about 12 years now so most ENT surgeons can do it.

      • Good to know! I’ll have to look into that.

        I hope that if you get the sinus surgery they don’t fill through your dura, but honestly I would probably take that risk under the circumstances too.

    • My infection is definitely getting better! I’m actually pretty happy; I’ve give longer between rounds of sinus problems than usual this year! 😀

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