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Academic Squid Chronicles: For Science!

My Senior Seminar professor has approved my new project idea (yay!), so it looks like I’ll be doing A Whole New Thing this semester.

Part of that thing will involve research involving an online survey — and, provided that our Institutional Review Board says it’s okay — you can participate!

As such, I won’t be talking about my research here very much until later in the semester, after I’ve collected my data, but I will definitely keep the whole universe apprised. If you think you might like to be a research participant, keep an eye out, and I’ll post a link here at some point.

I’m really excited about this semester’s project. Like my previous project, it’s something I should be able to build upon later in my career, should I be so inclined. And without putting to fine a point on it, I think it’s definitely something that’s relevant to my goals as a future dance-movement therapist.

In other news, I’m actually ahead of the curve on my precalc homework (woohoo!) and, having taken the precalc pre-test, I feel fairly comfortable with the material we’ll be covering. I’ve encountered quite a bit of it before in other contexts — particularly in chemistry or in the catch-all Finite Math class I took a few semesters back. I haven’t worked with conic sections (though I’ve encountered them just recently in one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s early works), but I think I should be okay.

Next week I’ve got an advising appointment to make sure that I’m squared away on all my graduation requirements, and right now I’m on my little labor day mini-vacation (some of which will be devoted to doing homework, of course).

Ballet class tonight; brought my ballet stuff with me so I don’t have to try to dash home between school and ballet. That didn’t work out too well on Monday, so today I’m just going to wander around in the world, dine out, and generally not go home until after ballet class. I have my laptop and all my homework stuff, so I might even do something productive.

Then again, I might just play video games and goof off, because I have enough of my schoolwork behind me to allow for a bit of that.

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