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The Luxury of Lying Around

It’s 9:34 on a Saturday, which means that usually I’d be in the midst of being slowly fondu-ed to death in the interest Of Art. 

Instead, I’m loafing in bed, reading the Internet, and generally being as lazy as is humanly possible. 

A bunch of us who are who normally take the 9 AM advanced class on Saturday but who are dancing tonight decided to opt for 12:30 class instead. That way we’ll likely be on form, but not cooked, and there won’t be 10 hours between class and our performance. 

I still woke up at 8 AM, and as such in disappointed in myself for failing to take full advantage the situation and sleep in properly, but what can you do? The cat and my bladder conspired against me, but I got a decent night’s sleep regardless. 

There’s this terrible paradox about days like this one; to short-run performances. We’re performing exactly once, and I’m terribly excited about it, so I simultaneously want it to time to go and also want to savor every second of this day. 

I suppose this is a good time for a of literal Zen: à le “Present moment, only moment.” 

The moment of the performance will come either way.

Right now I can enjoy reading, resting, my husband, and our cat (who is being maddened by the sounds of birds visiting our roofline).

All things in moderation, then: including laziness. 

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