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I’m going to be processing Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet for a while. 

Initial impressions: Wow, and Oh, and Wow. 

Also, there was this moment that I found myself thinking, “They’re not all doing this at exactly the same speed, like you would in classical ballet, but it doesn’t matter, because each individual variance reveals some specific nuance.

None of the dancers moves exactly like any other, and that there is a harmonious whole. 

Just now I was reading this is one of of the things that Alonzo King embraces—each dancer brings himself or herself to the dance. 

I love classical ballet, don’t get me wrong—but there’s something revelatory about LINES. I’m sure everyone else else has already said that.

Definitely going to seek out further opportunities to watch LINES. 

King is, indeed, a visionary. 

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