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Tonight, I hopped on a Rola-Bola for the second time in my life.

And then I learned to juggle on it.

While dancing.

BTW, I can only juggle three balls, but it looks way cooler when you’re simultaneously Rola-Bola-ing.

Then our dexterity instructor paused and told me, “If there was a hat on the ground, I would totally put money in it.”

Totally going to have to perfect this and use it to avoid ever getting a job entertain my friends 😀

We snagged a little bit of video of it; I can’t wait to see it. Going to have to work on this one and get moar video!

Oh, and also awesome things happened in lyra and acro-balancing. A classmate snagged some great pix, so I’ll try to remember to repost them here.

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