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Quick update: via Fat Heffalump, check out The New Empowering School, a ten-week workshop series for people who like to move it, move it, whether they’re professional dancers or folks who are usually marginalized by dance culture.  The stated goal of the project is to “create space of permission, discussion, transformation and revelation through languages of the body-mind. We want to create a space where otherness is celebrated as standard – a place to come worship the wonder that is you!”

You guys, this sounds like a really, really amazing thing.  I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to London (and stay there for ten weeks), but seriously, this is a fantastic idea. Imagine what could happen if people go to this workshop, take home the best of it, and start sparking similar workshops around the world!

Edit: In other news, I just finished last year’s finances.

It feels weird.

On to catching up this year!

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