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Doin’ Me A Heckin’ Tired

Slept 4 hours last night because I don’t even know why. Total robot-mode in modern this morning, mainly because my brain was so slow to play back the combinations that I kept pausing.

OTOH, some nice suspensions happened.

Had a great number of opportunities to think about a recent revelation, which is this: because I don’t feel stretch until I am in ridiculously extreme positions, I can’t use stretch as a barometer for placement. So I’m working on training myself to feel just the right engagement instead. 

For all I know, every dancer worth his or her electrolyte tablets probably does this already—but for me it’s new; an extension of of the work I’ve been doing on balances.

Learned today what a good high release feels like. First off, it feels like almost nothing. By the time you really feel it, you’ve gone too far. So you kind of more want to feel the contraction below, and then just lift your sternum straight up (what feels like) just a little.

Knowing how things feel when they’re right is essential to dance (hearkens back to the “snapshot” exercise I came up with last year, come to think of it).

Of course, half of dance is learning what things should feel like, and the other half is learning to feel your body (and the other, other half is learning to feel the music). 

In other news, we’re learning choreography for Spring Showcase. Got an email yesterday about that. Looks like it might actually happen!

Killer Class, Dance Team, Trapeze 3, and Acro tomorrow..

I’m starting to feel stronger and more fit, though. 

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