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The Ballet Notes At Midnight(ish) 

Private class tonight. BW gave me a good, hard barre, then we worked on men’s technique mostly.

I asked about a thing I keep doing in my saut de chat, and he offered me a note very similar to the one Ariel Cisneros gave me about grand jeté: specifically, you have to carry the body forward so you don’t leave it behind. 

BW demonstrated this in a split, so I followed suit. If you have a full front split, I recommend it. My saut de chat was about a thousand times better on the second side because of it.

Anyway, tonight’s class was physically quite demanding (moreso because I have a mild cold-basically an annoyance that makes it hard to catch my breath). It was, however, very good. I asked for jumps and turns, so that’s what we worked on. Did tours en l’air last—four each way 

They were okay, though I always sell myself short in terms of elevation on my tours. I think I kept typing my head back, also, which does weird things to tours

I think I’m going to write a tech notes post about saut de chat. Probably also one about turns à la seconde. Probably not about tours yet. 

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