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Ballet Squid Chronicles: Like Legs, Only Warmer

So, I put my legwarmers together today, using the simple Internet recipe of “recycled sweater arms with part of the bottom hem of the sweater sewn on at the top of each sleeve.”

I made mine with a foldover cuff at the top.   Attached one cuff upside-down, so I’ll redo it when I have time.  For now, it’s fine.


Stripey legwarmers, check. Crazy warm-up pants, check. Fat 'n' sassy orange cat, check.

Amazingly, I will actually need to make the top openings a tad smaller as well.   My calves are ridiculous, so I figured that wouldn’t be necessary.  Maybe I’ll just sew in a little elastic.


The wrist cuffs are now feet cuffs. Also, please disregard my filthy floor.

The idea is to keep my ankles and arches warmer during barre and before and after class.  I guess that’s usually the purpose of leg warmers — you know, keeping legs, like, warm and stuff.

If I get really ambitious, I might convert these to stirrup-style (I’ll practice on a more boring pair, first, though).   For now, though, I’ll just pull the back edges up on my heels so I don’t slip.

So there you have it.   Instant leg warmers, just add sweater.   Um, and Internet.  And, you know, needle, thread, and about half an hour (to sew the top cuffs).

I’ll try to remember to So here’s a link to the how-to blog that inspired these.   That’s where I got the idea for the foldover cuffs.

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