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Farewell to Ragsters

About a billion years ago (actually, I think it was in 2010), I bought a pair of Nashbar’s Ragster cycling sandals.

After something like seven years of near-constant use, they finally died this week. They didn’t even die on the bike—one of the rear straps tore when I slipped whilst moving some heavy stuff.

My Ragsters carried me to and fro in all kinds of weather: when it was cold, I wore neoprene diving booties in them; when it was hot, they let my get breathe easy.

A new pair will run me the same $50 or so that the first ones cost. For now, I’m making do with these:

They’re twenty-dolla Swiss Gear sandals, Euro 39.5 because evidently my feet are tiny?

Anyway, this whole post stands as a testament to the quality of Nashbar’s Ragsters. I know a lot of perks swear by Keens, but I wouldn’t have traded my Ragsters for the world.

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