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So, I Didn’t Miss NaNoWriMo After All

For some reason, I imagined NaNoWriMo was in October.

It’s not, so I’m going to attempt to finally finish the first draft of Strangers In The Land, which is the more strictly literary of the projects I’ve got going right now.

This will take some doing, as I’m wrestling right now with how exactly to tell the story in the first place (and with Not Going All Epic Ballet Fanboy, since one of my characters is a dancer).

The novel explores themes of love, betrayal, loss, and forgiveness (which is to say, I guess, the same themes as every novel, ever — sigh) … as well, I guess, as the concept of the ways one can respond to tragedy.

I’m debating whether to post it here as it progresses. Any thoughts?

Quick Update:
After today’s writing and revisions to existing material, I’m starting with a whopping 18,676 words behind me already.

Wow. o.O’

I do think I’ll post my work-in-progress here, but I’m going to give it its own category and page so it doesn’t clutter up the rest of my blog so much.

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