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Today I visited the physical therapist who handles the ballet company.

Denis was pretty happy to hear that this was going to happen because he always feels a bit hesitant about advising dancers and other athletes who don’t really have the option of just not doing whatever the thing is that they do.

Anyway, she ran me through a battery of tests (including rond de jambes en l’air at the barre), did a maneuver to sort out a stuck iliosacral joint, and declared me fit to get back to class, with the caveat that I need to pay very close attention to engaging from the “Gotta Pee” muscle up (and to call her if I run into further problems).

This should also, incidentally, help with the problem of throwing my shoulders back.

So it’s back to class with me tomorrow. The adductor pull is sufficiently healed to work, and having sorted the IS joint should help it so trying to compensate, so I should be in shape for Cincinnati and beyond.

This is good, because not really dancing has been driving me crazy.

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