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It’s A Sign 

Went to class tonight. As she prepared to give us the waltz, Trainee L (who gives a very fun class) announced, “I woke up this morning thinking about Renversé!”

Evidently, my life at at the moment is all about the magic of renversé. 

Monday night is a beginner class, and renversé was new to many of them. Trainee L did a good job teaching it, though, and I was very impressed with how well they picked it up! And my renversés were rather nice (to make up for my abominable double turns, bleh). 

Traînée L also picked up on a weird thing I was doing with my outside shoulder at Barre. It may be new, as today I did Barre with ankle weights for the first time, but I suspect it’s something I always do that isn’t usually as visible.

In other news, beginner class makes me feel like I don’t suck at petit allegro, except insofar as I keep wanting to put in a balonné where there isn’t one.
Don’t worry, though, I’m sure my next advanced class will put me back in my place. 

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