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Monday Madness: In Which I Am Amazed 

All my choreography worked today. Regarding which:


My upcoming grown-ass semi-professional dance piece is a ballet/modern hybrid piece to Antony and the Johnsons’ cover of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” and the opening looks exactly as I visualized it—and it’s beautiful. 

I was surprised by that. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but sometimes you suddenly make something beautiful, and it catches you off guard. 

The rest is coming along nicely. The opening 35 seconds set a high bar(re). 

Speaking of high barres, my coupé balances in class tonight were surprisingly good, though even the top barres in the studio where Monday class takes place are lower than is ideal for me. I think I’ve been over-correcting. 

This class is at the school location in one of the two two larger studios. I’m guessing the top barre is optimized for students between 5′ and 5’3″. At 5’8″ with short arms, I have to do funky things to reach the barre when I’m on relèvé. The portable barres are even lower, though. The bottom barre, meanwhile, is optimized for cracking your knees when doing turns.

Speaking of turns, mine were meh today. I don’t actually have the faintest idea why, either.

Anyway, I’m cooked, so to bed with me. 

Eventually you’ll get to see my “Heaven’s Door” dance, but probably not ’til it’s complete.

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