Dances Without Moobs: A Gallery

Dances Without Moobs: A Gallery

Before I got my “moob job” (*snrk*), I had seen pictures of other guys who’d had similar surgeries but no idea, really, what to expect given my particular configuration. Likewise, I had seen a lot of pix in which the degree of visible scarring gave me pause (because modern dance because “Topless Boys Live!”)—and I definitely hadn’t seen pix documenting progress for this particular surgery on a dancer with a build similar to mine.

Anyway, because like almost every member of my generation I live with a smartphone surgically fused to my hand and take billions of shameless selfies, I now have a metric shedload of progress pix. I’ve decided to stick them all here, on one page, for the future edification of anyone else who might be thinking about doing this.

Your mileage, of course, will vary—but, if nothing else, I suspect that I’m a pretty good advertisement for this particular surgery.

Here ya go:


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