On Ballet! – Instant Saturday Men’s Class

This morning, Denis, Nicolas, and I all arrived for our 10:00 class with plenty of time to change … only to realize that the Saturday schedule is also different in the summer. Oops! We then took a pre-class field trip to the farmer’s market across the street, where Denis and I purchased a bunch of kohlrabi (my favorite vegetable!), a pretzel batard, and a huge frozen duck.

When we returned to LBS, the school director had opened up, so we hung out and waited ’til Margie arrived. That was probably wise, because by then Denis and I were basically out of cash.

Surprisingly enough, it was just the three of us today. Margie decided that since all the students were guys, we’d focus on power for leaps. I love jumping, so I enjoyed the heck out of that class.

After, I stuck around for the next class as well. Today’s highlight (besides ZOMG 2.25 hours of ballet class!!!)? Developpés. I have been struggling with these a bit, and I now realize it’s a technique thing*.

For the past several weeks, presumably, I’ve been developpé-ing to passé/retiré** then extending and using sheer force of will to crank my extension higher***. Margie instructed us to continue to bring the knee up before beginning to extend. The result? Instant higher extensions. Looks better, too — much more graceful; much less like something you’d see a machine on a construction site doing.

We're building dancers, not buildings.

We’re building dancers, not buildings.

During the grand allegro bit, we did a combination with a double pirouette. I went for it and made one happen. And then my ego was all like, “Surprise!” It wasn’t the best double ever, but being as I’ve only been back in the studio for a couple of months, I’ll take it.

Oh, one last bit. So about that glissade-assemblé thing? It seems I was just overthinking it. And also my glissades are looking kind of light and bouyant and a little bit awesome (relatively speaking).

Now I need to go find some food, because all that ballet can really make you pretty hungry.


*This statement is more or less inherently redundant. It’s ballet! Of course it’s a technique thing.

**Which one you’re doing depends on whether you’re going to close back where you started or on the other side of your supporting leg. Passé involves passing the leg — in other words, you might begin in fifth closed behind, developpé to passe, and then close in fifth in front. Retiré means you put your foot back where it came from.

Your Mom may not be impressed by your decision to take up ballet (though mine seemed happy to hear that we’re dancing and was really excited for us about getting to take class at the Joffrey), but she will indubitably be ever so proud to see you putting things back where they came from!

***This was painful, but probably a decent workout for some of the core muscles, I guess?

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