Monday Class Notes: Attack of the Ballet Squid II — The Return!

I got the best compliment-cum-correction ever today. After a set of tour jetes the best of which garnered a, “Yes! Yes, sir!” Claire said:

“The only thing – your legs look great, but your arms are all over the place.”

She then demonstrated what they were doing (which was actually kind of hilarious)…

"You do FOSSE!  FOSSE!  FOSSE! ..  but you keep it all inside!"

“You do FOSSE! FOSSE! FOSSE! .. but you keep it all inside!”

and what they should be doing (which does not in any way resemble the illustration above).

Classmate Jim also offered a useful note: “Watch your mouth!” Not that I’m cursing in class (though sometimes I want to!), but I hold a lot of tension in my mouth and jaw. He also said I was “really good,” so I’m full up on validation right now ^.^

Jim was a touch shy about offering a note to a classmate, but I’m glad he mentioned it, because it’s something I’ve been trying to work on and I do need reminders. Maybe I will have a mirror-printed shirt made that reads,  “David Hallberg does not make faces!”

Because I am pretty sure this is true*.

So that’s it for Monday class notes this week. I’m still a little iffy on connecting steps sometimes, and I still somehow wind up on the wrong leg sometimes, but it’s all starting to come together now.

I also have to admit that, while getting out was really, really hard today**, a hard and fast 45 minutes or so on the bike coupled with a high-effort ballet class has done a heck of a lot for my mood.

It will be interesting to see if it carries over to tomorrow — a good-mood day would certainly help me get some additional cleaning done. Today was slow and painful, a lot of struggling to finish small tasks (though I did do kitchen and finish a lot of laundry).

I am thinking that I really need to hit up class at least twice a week — both so I can really progress in ballet and so I can keep my mood a bit sunnier. My only concern is that it’s really easy for me to tip myself over into the manic side of the spectrum, so learning how to keep it all in balance is going to be a challenge.

The upside is that right now, managing my mood feels like a challenge, not like some impossible unicorn pipe dream. At today’s low point, leaving the house seemed like an impossible unicorn pipe dream, so this is progress.

That’s it for now. Keep the sunny side up, the leather side down, and the rubber on the road (or, you know, dirt). And if you see any rampaging ballet squids making faces, don’t be afraid to give them a note.

*At least, not while he’s dancing, from what I’ve seen. I do not presume to prognosticate about what the inimitable Mr. Hallberg does with his face when he’s not on stage. He does not, however, seem like the face-making type.
**Because OMG THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE and they might, I don’t know, eat me or something? When I am in Paranoid Hermit mode, my brain doesn’t take the logic that far. It’s just, “There are people out there, and we do not want to be around people.” I can’t even describe what I feel as fear — it’s just that I intensely dislike the idea of encountering other human beings when my brain gets the way it has been lately.

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