Ballet Squid Chronicles: Sisson Double

Tonight, among other things, we did sissons (on purpose, even!) and also the sisson doublé variant.  It took me a zillion tries to get sisson doublé to make sense, and then it did.  The change-o-leg in the air was what was getting me.

Like, sissons are basically jumps from two legs to one, but normally you sproing and land without changing legs or directions. Sisson doublé does both (the turn takes place in the air, which looks cool), but is still a jump form two legs to one. I like the way it lands in attitude.   And how I don’t fall over*. Yay!

This was most gratifying, after doing renversé something remotely like right a few times and very, very wrong a whole bunch of times and not doing pirouttes-from-fourth-to-coupé right, like, ever at all.   Frustrating.  My pirouettes just sucked tonight (my sous-tenu turns were fine).

I wasn’t feeling too hot at the beginning of class (digestive issues, fleh) but actually felt better by the end of barre.  Thus, the beginning of barre was uninspired, but the end was mostly okay.

Adagio was mostly pretty, except for the moments when I got distracted by the mirror.   Um, yeah.  Maybe I should wear a blindfold for adagio?

The little jumps were lovely and easy by the time we got to them.  I even counted to four correctly.  Huzzah!  I am so ready for my maths exam next week!   Bring on the Counting Numbers Less Than Or Equal To Four!

Across the floor, all my glissade-pas de chats looked pretty good (I’m, even the ones that were supposed to be glissade-saut de chats, because I can’t hear very well, because allergies).   Apparently, according to the Powers That Be, pas de chat doesn’t really fly in men’s technique too often.   Too bad, because I really kind of love pas we chat.   It can look joyful, athletic, floaty – whatever.   It’s a nice step, and I have always thought so, so there.

In other news, it’s been a while since I mucked around in MSpain and made a silly drawing, so here you go — from Act II of Zombie Giselle:

Presumably, by this point, Hilarion's braingz have already been eated.

Your call as to whether the ninja is after GiZombie or Albrecht, here. Presumably, by this point, Hilarion’s braingz have already been eated. Also, needs moar scenery.

I feel like someday I should post a real drawing, and I’m sure I will have plenty of time, um, next year. After I graduate. Before grad school.

So, there you have it, folks. GiZombie: Scene from Act II.

Finally, I actually managed to complete everything on my to-do list today for the first time in Untold Days. So go me! (And, yes, I totally pad my to-do list by including things like ballet class, so I can feel like I’m accomplishing stuff.)

So that’s it. Good night, all!

*Today I did a tour en l’air to see if I still could. I didn’t fall over, but I did over-rotate and almost turned my ankle. So that was dumb.

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