Ballet Squid Chronicles: Shoe Adjustments; Philip Glass Project Update

When I was packing our dance bag on Saturday, I noticed that the straps on my Sanshas are sewn in a different spot at the heel than the ones on my Capezio Romeos.

I’ve had issues with the Romeos (which are a touch on the wide side) rolling down at the back, so I decided to try re-sewing the straps.  Snipped them just above the seam, then sewed them in again right behind the old spot (pictures to follow, but I’m too lazy to go get my phone right now).

I’m wearing them now, rubbing my heels against my therapy ball (because leather + vinyl = friction) to see if I can get them to peel off.

So far, so good.

I’m going to try them again in class tomorrow.  I’m still not sure if I like the little sole pads on the Capezios as much as the ones on the Sanshas.  If the adjustment to the heel attachment works as well as I’m hoping, I’ll probably adjust the anchor point at the front as well.  Right now, it’s a bit too far forward, so the strongest support is just ahead of my arch.  If I move the strap back, I think the Romeos will be even more comfortable.

In other news, Denis and I sat down to listen to the music for my choreography project today.  He was having trouble finding the pulse in “The Poet Acts,” and since I’ll probably be working with at least a few non-dancers, we looked around for a piece with a more detectable pulse.  We decided on “Escape!” instead, also from The Hours.  We’re sorting choreography.  He likes my ideas, which makes me feel like maybe they’re not crazy.

So that’s it for now.  More tomorrow.

G’night, everybody.

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