Ballet Squid Chronicles: In Which Your Humble Ballet Squid Puts On The Splotchy Purple Tights and Rocks Them

Denis has splotchy purple tights that he bought on clearance when one of our local K-Marts was closing.  I think they’re Joe Boxer brand leggings, really.

I’ve never worn them before because, quite frankly, I figured they probably wouldn’t fit me.  This morning, though, I didn’t feel like going down to the Costume Department (AKA the storage room in the basement) and digging out my foil leopard tights.  I grabbed Denis’ purple splotchy tights instead.

Turns out that they fit rather beautifully.  Better than my usual tights.  So I wore them to class.

Denis, meanwhile, wore his sparkly, star-splashed multicolored tights — which, by the way, was why I didn’t want to wear plain old black tights.  Denis (who usually does class in pre-pro regulation black tights and white t-shirt) wanted to kick it up a notch because it was Hallowe’en weekend, and I wasn’t about to miss out on an opportunity!

You might remember these from an earlier episode :D

You might remember these from an earlier episode 😀

Claire was teaching Essentials today, and when she arrived she said, “Thank you for wearing those tights!”

Apparently, she really gets a kick out of people who bring a little color into the studio.  Well, today, Denis and I brought the color (though I did wear my usual black t-shirt).

I was surprised to find that I really liked the way the purple tights looked.  And I was also surprised how solidly everything came together at the barre and at center — including the chaines allllllllll the way across the studio, going both directions.  I guess I don’t get to make excuses about sucking at chaines anymore.

Denis did some nice jumps today.  Claire’s amazing corrections — which are forever making my life as a dancer easier — apparently work for Denis just as well as they work for me.

After, we did lunch at Whole Foods with B & N, and then sat and chatted for ever and ever and ever(1), which was great.  Our plans to take over the world will soon be complete.

So there we go.  It was an excellent day, all told.

Oh, and my strap updates seem to have sorted my Capezio Romeos well enough.  They didn’t peel off in class even after I took my socks off.


  1. Among other things, B and I discussed body size diversity in ballet.  The more I talk about it with other dancers, the more it seems like we all really like the idea of getting a more diverse array of bodies into the studio.  Something to think about!

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