BeastMode: Ballet Returns

Today’s class started out well, but got progressively less awesome.

This isn’t to say that it was ever bad, except for the last combination going left (during which, for reasons unknown, I couldn’t failli to save my life and kept landing my assemblé without plié — not a good idea).

But it was definitely a post-break re-entry class. Fortunately, Monsieur BeastMode (AKA Brian) went easy on us.

Amusingly, half the class wore purple and black, so when we divided into groups, we had a Purple Group and a Not Purple Group (we’ll call them the Rebel Alliance), four in each.

Sadly, while I like to think that Team Purple (of which I was a member) brought a great deal of enthusiasm to the table, the Rebel Alliance soundly schooled us in the technique department.

Still, I got off a couple of doubles from fourth going across the floor and didn’t completely cock up the petit allegro, though it took my body a while to remember how to Sissone.

I would be like, “Sissone!”

…And my legs would go, “Glissade?”

…And then I’d go, “Sissone!”

…And my legs would be all, “Cabriole! Our favorite!”

…And then I’d go:

And my legs would go, "Ohhhhhh, Sissone. Why didn’t you just say that?!”

(You know there are going to illustrations later.)

So, um, yeah. If this is BeastMode Ballet, my Spirit Beast today was probably Baby Giraffe.

So that was class. Oh, and I asked M. BeastMode to teach us coupé jeté en tournant, because I believe in us (or something).

It’s good to be back!

À bientôt, mes amis!

About asher

Me in a nutshell: Standard uptight ballet boy. Trapeze junkie. Half-baked choreographer. Budding researcher. Transit cyclist. Terrible homemaker. Neuro-atypical. Fabulous. Married to a very patient man. Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2015). Proto-foodie, but lazy about it. Cat owner ... or, should I say, cat own-ee? ... dog lover. Equestrian.

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  1. Yeah, it’s good to be back, no matter what! The body and brain need to reconnect, eh? But no worries, they will be in one single piece in no time! Enjoy!

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