Like Wednesday Class, Only Bigger

Posted a day late, again. Posted two days late, because apparently I am increasingly able to remember complex modern dance combinations involving crazy nameless movements, but I can’t remember to change the status of a single post from “Draft” to “Publish.”

Oy to the gevalt.

ANYWAY. Here you go:

It seems as if, every week, Wednesday Class gets bigger.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s excellent. I really think it makes us focus down and work. Likewise, it tends to bring out a really good collective vibe.

That last bit sounds a tad hippy-dippy, but if you’ve participated in group-based physical activities, you’ll know what I mean. Dance classes, aerials classes, group rides, runs, group horseback riding excursions (and quadrilles) — I’ve experienced this sensation in all these settings. I chalk it up to the fact that humans are social animals and subject to a kind of social synergy.

Today, though I was working with a pulled groin and the iliosacral joint weirdness that has happened as a follow-on, class just felt good.

Barre was reasonable (mediocre extensions notwithstanding), and everything went fairly well at centre and beyond, basically.

The only bizarre thing was that, for some reason, I kept forgetting about chaînes whilst going across the floor. Like, no matter where they were in the combination, I would just basically forget they were there. If I got one set, I’d forget the next. Oy vey.

So, basically, we had this combination:
Sous-sus turn (arms in fifth)
Chaînes x4 (arms in that kind of demi-2nd thing)
Pas de Bourée
Double turn
Something I’m forgetting maybe?
Chaînes x4
Attitude Balance
Run away!

Easy, right?

… Except I kept somehow forgetting the chaînes, then remembering them a half-beat too late and having to either leave one out or rush them to catch up. Feh.

I can’t really complain, though, because much of the rest was pretty respectable dancing, and I pulled off some very nice attitude balances.

I made myself redo the left side so I could finally get it right. I honestly don’t recall whether that succeeded, though.

I also couldn’t seem to remember the pas de bourré in our petit allegro combination, which was:
Glissade jeté
Glissade jeté
Glissade temps levée
Temps levée
Temps levée
Coupé balloné
Coupé balloné
Pas de bourré
Entrechat quatre x2

(Or that-ish: the counts seem slightly off in that write-up.)

I was like, “… Coupé balonné, coupé balloné, oh crap forgot my pdb again, straight into entrechats because I am awesome, maybe no one will notice :P”

Our last combination had elements from one of the fairy variations from Sleeping Beauty, which was cool, though now I can’t remember which one.

In trapeze class, I made up for my balletic shortcomings (or, as autocorrupt would have it, “Balrog Zirconia”).

Our choreography involved inversions in the ropes and I got to do them on the high trapeze (though not on the highest one, because the ropes aren’t long enough for the inversions we were doing). That’s a vote of confidence — it’s too high for spotting, so Aerial M. needs to feel pretty confident to let you do inversions up there.

We also did half-mills (which I can do in my sleep) and half- Russians (which are hard for me because, proportionally speaking, I have t-rex arms). Aerial M have me some pointers on those, but they’ll need more work than anything else I’ve done on Trapeze thus far. I look forward to working on them 🙂

Anyway, my love affair with trapeze continues apace.

To be honest, before today, I would have told you I wasn’t strong enough to straddle up into and inversion on the ropes, since that depends entirely on upper-body strength (including abs). There’s no jumping into it.

I would have been wrong.

Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong.

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