Some of Us Even Damn Our Pointe Shoes Instead of Darning ‘Em

I saw a quote today that read,

Dance is silent poetry.

All I could think is that whoever said that has never been to my Wednesday Class.

(Or, for that matter, encountered embodied percussion floorwork in a modern class.)

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  1. (Should be on the other thread) Safety releases are pretty amazing. I actually did one dancing out of class the other day, it’s incredible how precisely you can drop. There is that “huh, this is falling over! that’s not dancing!” resistance to get over.

    meanwhile modern monday report back: unexpected baking heat in London, pre-class turns out to happen mostly in the corridor because the boss is doing an unofficial post-class with some of the bun heads. the heat makes for an unusually stretchy class and therefore more content as a percentage of the total. we’re basically hammering on the same 5 sequences now that we’re going to perform, so, not much new except for a push on hitch kicks. which are suddenly an option!

    something of a relief: the boss has closed monday night class for new students, so perhaps wednesday wasn’t all lies?

    • No worries about the thread!

      That is so true, about the precision factor in safety releases! The other regular member of my Monday Class is awesome at them; she had this way of just collapsing exactly where she needs to, even from a standing position. It’s like the dance equivalent of those carefully-choreographed building implosions!

      Mine are, um, not that good yet, mainly because my brain is like, “WTF? You want to *sickle* your foot?! That’s crazy talk!” But I did finally get some good ones yesterday.

      My goal this will is to figure out how I learn modern dance sequences.

      YouTube, here I come!

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