Arabesques Made Simple*

*Unless you’re following an RAD syllabus, in which case, ignore this completely. 

Today, M r. C gave us a brilliant shorthand for keeping arabesques sorted by name. None of this “same arm/leg vs opposite arm/leg” confusion, just clarity. 

I’m listing them here in the following format: “Arms; legs.”

  1. Open to audience; open to audience 
  2. Closed to audience; open to audience
  3. Open to audience; closed to audience
  4. Closed to audience; closed to audience 

Obviously, this doesn’t tell you what what to do with your head, but I don’t find that difficult to remember. I just get the names of the arabesques confused, so up until now I’ve just tried really hard to make sure that I memorize the arabesques visually, because I haven’t reliably been able to remember which is which verbally (except first arabesque).

Anyway, I think this is brilliant, and I hope it helps you as as much as it helps me.

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  1. Reminds me of this great brain-clearing post

  2. OMG, yes! Timely reminder, too. Back to trying not to suck at turns this week…

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