Problem-Solving Dreams 

Apparently it’s pretty common for people to solve creative problems (and even scientific problems!) in their dreams. 

This happened to me the other night. I was iffy about the opening of Adagio Cantabile/”The Pest”. There’s a double turn programmed right out of the gate, but I wasn’t sure I liked the way I had implemented it. 

The other night, I dreamed I was performing that piece and opened with:

Sweep through
Demi-rond to 2nd
Turn from second
Turn à la seconde

It felt awesome, scanned perfectly, and allowed for a smooth, strong transition to the next phrase, in which the first real step is a sauté 4th arabesque. 

The only problem? 

My turn from second is reliable, but I wasn’t at all sure about about the turn à la seconde in real life, even though I did it when learning Albrecht’s variation back in June. 

Anyway, tried it tonight after Trap 3 and found that, in fact, I can do this thing (thanks in no small part to a bit of advice that BW gave me last Thursday).

So that was pretty cool. 

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