Modern Moosday, Indeed

This morning, I was a space cadet, but I wasn’t alone.

There were five of us in LF’s class (I’ve been calling her LT for some reason … oops?), including a New Guy I Know From Somewhere, P. We were all pretty much in agreement that this was a Monday of a Tuesday—in other words, a “Moosday.”

Since it’s basically Monday for me this week anyway, that makes sense.

Anyway, I acquitted myself better than I expected given that my brain was on its way to the outer reaches of the solar system.

Basically, modern is starting to feel less weird again. Of course, given that 4 of the 5 members of the class were definitely Ballet Peeps (I think P’s background is more musical theater, so jazz?), LF kept having to remind us not to be so polite 😀

I’ve been working on applying the idea of letting my head be heavy and thinking about my head and pelvis as two bowling balls connected by, I dunno, a run of flexible conduit.


Modern dance, meet modern art?

This is somewhat facilitated by a note that J…M…something? G? gave us this weekend in Sunday class, which he got from our AD. In ballet, we tend to focus really hard on engaging the living daylights out of our core, but it can be helpful to think of engaging at a point just above the navel, so the ribs stay knitted but the lower trunk and sternum are free to move.

I said, “Oh, kind of like a single-button vest(1)?”

  1. AKA “gilet” or “waistcoat,” depending in which part of the English-speaking world you’re located or whether you’re conversing with cyclists (we tend to say “gilet”). I prefer “waistcoat” or “gilet,” but “vest” is easier to say when you’re out of breath because grand allegro.

Not really a menacer at all, IMO, but kind of a cool gilet/vest/waistcoat. (Source)(2,3)

  1. Hello to my days

I’m not sure it’s a perfect visualization, but it works for me. Anyway, thinking about engagement this way helps me avoid over-engaging the core and winding up stiff as all hell. For me, this helps the pelvis place itself without getting into hyper-grippy blocked-turnouts land.

In other news, I’m pleased to report that I’ve regained the muscles that keep my ribs knitted together, which is extremely helpful for ballet, and the turnouts continue to make their way back from the Other Side.

Also, my black Blochs and my balance board arrived today (glad the Blochs opted out of a neighborhood tour this time). I’ve decided that those are my slighly-early birthday presents to myself, which makes me wish I’d sprung for the shiny balance board from Theraband. But for $10, this one will do the job for now 🙂

Maybe later I’ll get the more-expensive version and cart this one over to Suspend so I can use it there, assuming they don’t mind if it lives at their place.

Anyway, tonight I’m taking Trap 2 because rep/rehearsal begins tomorrow night. Mr. BeastMode played our music for me this morning—it’s Vivaldi! (The G minor concerto, which I’ve played on the violin, which probably means my world has officially come full circle now or something.)

Tomorrow, I’m doing Killer Class, and then I might throw in an extra Technique Class since I’m going to be at Rep class anyway—though my jury’s still out on that.

Apparently, nine or ten of us have volunteered as tribute for the spring show, regarding which: w00t! I think I’m the only boy, though, because scheduling.

Anyway, going to go try on the black Blochs and see how they roll.

Quick Update: My black Blochs are size 8 in the C width, since they didn’t have B. So far, so good. Width-wise, I think C is a touch wider than I need, but length-wise, I think 8 is right. Either way, they’re very light and comfortable and, like my other Blochs, secure in the turns. Going to test-run them in class tomorrow.

Also, if you spring for a pair of Bloch’s Pro Elastics, know that the heel will look weird when you’re just sitting there, trying them on—weird as in, “Why is there an extra little floop going on back there?”

Don’t worry about it. I’m not sure if it’s a functional thing or just a style thing, but it doesn’t get in the way when you’re dancing, and IMO it makes your feet look even nicer when you point them.

FWIW, these shoes are very much “Where have you been all my life?” shoes for me. Your mileage, of course, may vary, but if you’re on the fence, I would recommend giving them a try.

Also: Tried the new Sansha dance belt. As Dr. Dancebelt forewarned of Sansha’s models in general, it’s very high-waisted, but it actually works really well for me because of that.

My verdict thus far: Great option for those of us who are short-coupled and high-waisted with effing gigantic glutei medii (in short: me). Probably not a great choice for lower-waisted folks.

If you try one, be warned: you will put it on and it will be like, “Hm, I need to pull this up higher. Erm—even higher? And … huh, wow, still higher—okay. Now this just looks ridiculous.”

Just remember that, with rare exceptions (read: performing in only a dance belt, because contemporary ballet), we don’t buy dance belts for their looks. Yeah, this thing looks silly, but I’m still wearing it six hours later because it’s sufficiently comfortable that I literally forgot about it.


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  1. it can be helpful to think of engaging at a point just above the navel, so the ribs stay knitted but the lower trunk and sternum are free to move

    yes. this feels like what I do when I squat or deadlift, by the way. also, on Moosday, do you dance like a cow on ice, as Nikita Krushchev said about the times Stalin made him get up and cossack?

    I’m missing modern. I need to negotiate the timing, as I don’t want to give up moar ballet either…

    • Oh, perfect! Yes, this is how squat and deadlift feel to me, as well (squat, I am forced to admit, far more often than deadlift … Yeah, back to the weights room with me…).

      And you’ve pretty much nailed Moosday in one.

      I hope your scheduling will soon allow Moar Modern abs Moar Ballet to co-exist happily! (Because we all know the answer to the question, “Are we human, or are we dancers?”)

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