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ballet training: 4 years or so of learning that you don’t actually know how to stand up straight, followed by a lifetime of doing the wrong thing with your arms and not jumping high enough

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  1. But isn’t all education the same? Coming to understand more thoroughly how comprehensively you fall short.

  2. Worse: believing for years that you know how to stand up straight, but actually you don’t. (Your teacher tells you that you have good posture, but all you have is a bad teacher) Scary teacher took my posture apart and put it together again . That was when he became really scary, and I won’t ever forget that lesson. Unlearning bad habits is difficult. To be honest: I had a good posture for ballet, but flamenco is slightly different. I will be eternally grateful to Scary teacher, because correct posture made dancing so much easier.

    • That’s so true. L’Ancien is forever telling us, “Just stand in fifth,” because standing in a correct fifth position is essentially the root of everything else. Standing in a not-quite-correct fifth is, of course, the root of all manner of problems 😉

  3. Very apt description!

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