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TFW You Can’t Freaking Turn

I just couldn’t turn today. 

Or,well…that’s not entirely true. I nailed a few really nice singles and maybe one nice double, but it wasn’t a good turning day. 

My spot was, for some reason, extra slow. 

My working foot didn’t to go where it was supposed to (seriously, at one point I closed an en dehors turn with the toe to the front of the knee, then moved it to the back immediately … just, WAT?!). 

I hopped out of more than one double. 

I blame my left ear, which is being weird. At one point I had to lie down on the floor  and give myself a bit of the ol’ Epley Manœuvre.

I also blame Roberto Bolle, who showed up last night in one of those dreams that just go on and on, no matter how many times you blink briefly awake. I don’t remember it terribly well, but I think we were doing Swan Lake, with Bolle both dancing and directing. 

Mostly I remember him yelling at me about my arabesque: higher, straighter, point that working toe harder, what’s that supporting foot trying to do? Get that demi-point UP! 

My arabesques were, in fact, very nice today, though. So, thanks for that, Mr. Bolle


“You’re welcome!” (via Wikimedia Commons) 

Dr. Dancebelt also featured in this dream as a disembodied voice over the house PA system. I remember thinking that was odd: we never saw him, but we knew he was there. 

Seems fairly relevant.

Ultimately, this is what I get for watching Paris Opera Ballet doing “Études,” Bolle in “Manon,” the remainder of Bourne’s Swan Lake (2012) all one evening. Weird dreams and bad turns.

I wasn’t awesome at the grand allegro: it ended with a change of direction via piqué soutenu, and I just couldn’t remember that. 

On the upside, my extensions are back above 90 even à côté, I managed not to flail in tour lent en attitude, and I actually didn’t hose up the petit allegro. 

So there you have it. Wednesday, now with 100% more advice from Dream Bolle. 

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