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Bloch It Out 

The Blochs acquitted themselves admirably. I am forced to admit that they feel more secure than my Sanshas. Never had to think about them at all during class. 

I wasn’t 100% on form today, but it’s coming. Yesterday I felt stiff (probably a follow-on from my unexpected dismount on Sunday) and tired and scheduling conflicts forced me to take a day off. I’m glad that they did, because I feel much better now. 

Turnouts are still getting their strength back, though. That will take a bit, I expect.

Adagio, as a result, was meh today—but petit allegro came along surprisingly well. I may yet stop sucking at it.

Grand allegro, meanwhile, was not my best effort. Specifically, my arms took a little trip back to Squidsville. On the other hand, three or four of us broke out our Pas de Chats Italiens, including R, who paired up with me. 

Oh, and I managed to actually not leave out the Bidonville  Bournonville jeté. Mr. BeastMode got video of us; I’m looking forward to cringing at how awful my Bournonville is 😛

Oh, and New Boy F returned. I was happy to see that he came back.

Next week begins rep class and rehearsal for Spring Collection. Evidently, costumes might happen! OMG OMG OMG I’m looking forward to discovering what Mr. B has in mind, as he’s setting a band new dance on us! 

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