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Danseur Ignoble: Night School

I set my alarm wrong, so did night class today.

It went brilliantly, except for two parts — first, the part where I misunderstimated my travel during petit allegro and nearly ran the dude next to me into the piano twice … TWICE!!!; second, the part where I hosed up the final combo because I didn’t quite grasp what was supposed to come between the flying pas de basque (not to be confused with saut de basque) and the saute arabesque/cabriole.

I’mma have to practice that flying pas de basque thing. It’s fun, but my legs go a little Baby Giraffe Mode getting from that to other steps.

Brian taught tonight. His teaching style is playful and energetic, so his classes are fun.

Seriously; while this is probably not something that he would really do, there’s something in his personality that makes me think he’s going to come around and tickle us: that makes you stand up REALLY FREAKING TALL, by the way. Some atavistic part of my brain that is stuck in pre-school pre-ballet is like PULL UP TALL SO THE TICKLE MONSTER CAN’T SEE YOU!!!

Artist's conception of the Tickle Monster.

Pro Tip: If you pull up tall, the Tickle Monster can’t see you.

The best general bit of advice (not really a correction, because we hadn’t broken out the passés yet) tonight? In passé and retiré, imagine a meat hook grabbing and lifting the muscle at the top inside of your thigh. Yeah, kind of a gristly image, but it works brilliantly for me. It makes me stop thinking ROTATE ROTATE ROTATE and, predictably, going CLENCH CLENCH CLENCH.

Clenching makes balances, like, 1,000,000% harder, you guys.

Oh, and I did all three bazillion little jumps and only screwed up the petit allegro a little**. Yasssssss! Getting that back has been surprisingly difficult, so it’s good that it finally felt like dancing.

**This was the point at which I realized I was going to run the guy beside me into the piano and completely panicked o.O’ Sorry, Guy Beside Me.

Also, the little jumps looked good. So there’s that.

Now! Other business!

I heard back from Lexington Ballet, and their adult SI was a resounding success this year, so they areplanning on doing it again, and they would very much welcome out of town dancers. I’ll keep an ear to the wind for updates on that.

I’m going to see if I can get a group of LBS students together to go (Field Trip! … Er, Week-Long Field Trip!). If not, I’ll still go by myself; it doesn’t conflict with any of the Sun King weeks that sound interesting.)

Our Tutu Tuesday costumes are complete (mine is packed, even!) and look fabulous. I am not allowed to post pix until our camp-mates have seen them, though, so the whole internet is just going to have to sit on its hands until then (because I know nobody has anything more important to do that wait for pictures of our tutus).

I am totally miffed about this, really, because I now have the most adorable picture ever of Mr. Merkah playing in Denis’ tutu*** and I can’t post it until we get back.

***…Which is precisely what The Momma predicted the Merkah would do, by the way.

That’s it for now. I really need to think about finding something to eat and then going to bed. Between mowing the lawn, riding the bike, and dancing, I have Burned All The Calories today and am Way, Way Tired.

On Ballet! — Or, Well, Off Ballet!

…But, don’t worry, not for long.

I woke up this morning feeling kind of generally grumpy, congested, and terrible and by about 2 PM was debating whether going to ballet class was a good idea. Turned out I was running a fever, which is generally a good reason to assume you’re contagious, so I decided to take one for the team and not go rather than infecting everyone in class with whatever kind of schmutz I’ve contracted.

This appears to be some variant of the dreaded Itchy Throat Disease. I do not know yet whether it’s an Itchy Throat Virus or an Itchy Throat Bacterium. I’m hoping for the virus, because those usually go away on their own.

I’m also hoping someone invents a back scratcher for throats, like, soon, because I really need one.

In other news, we have our shiny stuff for PlayThink Movement and Flow Arts Festival pretty much together.

My costuming decisions (note: costumes are not by any means required for this festival; we just like costumes) have been driven by finding a pair of foil leopard-print tights at a ridiculously good price … so somehow, between needing to be a leopard because my tights say so and needing to have wings because we are all going to have wings (my sis-in-law is making Isis-ish wings for all of us!), I have become a winged leopard creature.

A bit out there, perhaps, but hey! It’s an excuse to wear a costume!

In public!

Or, well, semi-public, since it’s not like the festival is in the middle of Louisville or something.

So, anyway, being excited about that gives me something to do while I’m moping about being too sick for ballet class today.

I hope to be back in class on Saturday, and to do a double class, since we didn’t have class Monday, either (OMG, NO BALLET FOR LIKE A WEEK, you guys, I AM GOING TO DIE).

And that being said, I am now going to toddle off to bed, take some Knock-You-On-Your-Keister Night-Time Cold Medicine and, with a little luck, beat this thing in my sleep.

Because sometimes it’s best to take illness lying down.

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