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Dribs & Drabs

I’m mostly ready to go for the Lexington Ballet intensive, but still sort of managing the last bits of the to-do list.

Mr. Merkah approves of my dance bag:


Feline supervisor says the dance bag is okay to go!

…Though possibly less so now that it is one again crammed full of dance junk and waiting in my car.

(Of note: my dance bag is really a tool bag that I got on sale for $5 at a local hardware place. It has nifty inside pockets for essential dance things like shoes, VetWrap, a million bandages, a lacrosse ball, etc. Also makes it easy to spot in a lineup of properly dance-specific bags.)

This time I’ve remembered to pack bandages and cloth tape just in case I somehow wind up with a blister. I’ll be AirBnB-ing it the first three nights, then spending the last two at an inexpensive hotel with a pool (hope it has a hot tub!).

Today while I was demonstrating assemblé, Aerial A said, “Just like that, only without the beats.”

Didn’t realize that I had been doing assemblé battu, heh. It may have been an artifact of practicing cabrioles avant before class.

In other news, this picture about sums up how I feel right now:


Someone please get me a blanket?

After dinner, I am planning on a long soak in the tub followed by an early bedtime.

Tomorrow, we dance.

(And then we drive halfway across the state, and then we dance again.)

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