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Still Playing With Blochs*

*Yeah, sorry. I’ll try harder next time. So tiiiired.  

I’m grooving on my Blochs. I like how they just kinda get out of the way so you can do your thang. I think I’mma buy a second pair in black. 

I have discovered that they fit really well with the new tights I ordered from Sansha (edit: I’ll drop the model number here later; these aren’t the only men’s tights Sansha makes).  The tights in question are cotton-and-lycra, and thus a bit thicker than my others, both of which are synthetic.

My inner jury is still out about the tights themselves—though not because of any shortcoming of the tights themselves. Rather, I’m a sweaty little bastard, and cotton absorbs sweat instead of wicking it. My knees and shins were surprisingly damp after class this morning. Weird. 

On the other hand, they dry more quickly than I expected, and they’re comfortable. The fit is really nice (I ordered a size 5 in Sansha’s unique Dark Magic sizing system), and I like the fact that the straps are sewn in (I lost one of the straps that go with my other black tights :/).  I do, however, wish they were sewn in crosswise in back, as they can slip off. In practice, though, that only seems to happen when I’m loafing around between classes. 

Oh, they also look nice. Classic matte finish, nice lines, etc. I was all Serious Ballet Boy Is Serious this morning (or, well, my clothes were).

 The tights in question are not, by the way, convertible (unless you get jiggy with some scissors, presumably). 

Even with the combination of secure shoes and comfy tights, however, I was not a great turner today. This was likely a function of mild sleep deprivation. 

We had a new teacher, who I’ll call J2 for now, since I’m too lazy to look up his full name. It was a great class; really nice combinations, and we got to do grand allegro, which doesn’t always happen. I couldn’t keep my head on straight during the petit allegro, though I did the steps well enough. I just kept forgetting that there were two changements at the end of the first phase. I did however, manage to do royales when they were called for instead of automatically doing entrechats.

Still, not my best day. 

I made up for it by practicing one-foot relevé balances on the flat side of a Bosu ball. It was kind of a pain, as that really isn’t the intended purpose of the flat side in question, but nonetheless remarkably successful. I think I’m going to purchase a proper wobble board for that.

So that was Sunday. Tomorrow is mostly a rest day, except for rehearsal. 


In the kitchen, where we practice turns and occasionally make food.

These arrived today after wandering terra incognito for a full week.

 Just tried them out in the kitchen and got a triple from fifth of of them, easy as 1,2,3.  o.O

I have never actually done a triple in my kitchen before because there are too many things to crack your skull on if you really fall out of a turn.  These shoes, though—they sport giant front half-sole pads that feel incredibly secure.  

The fit is pretty good—a tad looser than my Sanshas in the toe box, which is nice, but still narrow enough in the arch, instep, and heel (my feet are just a bit duckish).

Size 8.5B. The pattern on which they’re cut accommodates very flexible arches. 

I might try size 8 as well, but 8.5 leaves room for my extra-long (and rather prehensile) second toe. 

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