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Saturday Class: Exceeds Expectations?

I was just going to do barre this morning, but then I stuck around for the rest of class, and it turned out reasonably well.

My legs are definitely tired and achy (hard floors in Cinci!), but they made it through everything.

Nothing was perfect and nothing looked perfect, but I was at least mostly serviceable and there were a couple of good moments.

I have spent some time drilling the thing where you draw a line up your shin with your toe when drawing up to passé; I need to now work on drilling the opposite side, wherein you pass to the back without dropping your foot and then draw a line down the back of your calf to close.

Anyway, JB seemed pleased with my efforts, so that’s good.

Now if I could just consistently convince my petit assemblé not to suck, we’d be rolling. I suspect that, as with brisée, I need to think about the second foot closing up.


Update: I just realized that part of my leg-achiness problem was simply the result of dancing on a hard floor all day, then jumping in the car and coming home and forgetting to take any naproxen or ibuprofen or whatever. Under those circumstances, it definitely helps.

I thought of it last night whilst lying in bed, but didn’t want to get up and muck about with taking pills and then having to eat something so they didn’t make my stomach hurt. This morning, I forgot completely (things were all kinds of fumbly this morning, since D was up before me, which throws off my Saturday game).

Took a couple tablets of naproxen an hour or so ago; legs feel much better now.

A Very Brief Public Service Announcement 


Only don’t be all swaybacked ‘n’ shizzle.

Ceci n’est pas un pun.

This last drawing turned out looking too much like just coupé arrière, but as you can probably tell, I was done effing around in S-Note by then.

In short, though, if your instructor shouts, “BACK OF THE KNEE!!!” when you’re firing off your pique turns, make sure you’re not the party poupé-er attaching your foot halfway between passé and coupé.

We now return to our regularly-scheduled Break Week.

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