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Ballet Squid Chronicles: Attack of the Pros!

Neither PDG nor PDG2 happened to be in class tonight.

Instead, the Paul Taylor Dance Company arrived en masse for Claire’s 7:15 class.

Needless to say, they brought a new dimension to class, along with great energy.

They were all lovely people, very fun to have in class,  and (of course) amazing dancers.

Also,  we got to do brisées tonight amidst our very fun choreography.   Claire is great at convincing us to transcend our perceived limitations.  One of our regular classmates was afraid she couldn’t do the brisée, and Claire sais, “Yes you can!” and showed her how, and she did it*!   Very cool stuff.

In other news, I’m glad I brought my legwarmers.   The studio was cold tonight!   The legwarmers worked brilliantly.   I left them on through all of Margie’s class and through Claire’s barre.

My adagio is improving.   I think half my problem is that I tense up because I think I don’t know how to do it.   That’s half of everyone’s problem all the time, though, as best I can tell.  Anyway, when I relax, it goes better; when I don’t I fall over (well, partly), in penché.  Good to know.

That’s it for tonight.  Class was amazing.

We loved having the folks from Paul Taylor in class and we all hope they come back soon!

*I did several brisées of diminishing quality, but the first one surprised me!   Also tried entrechats but they weren’t as good.  A couple of my turns were quite nice, though.

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