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Another Quick Update

I’m probably going to be quiet for a bit.   We’re dealing with a medium-scale household crisis — nobody’s going to die or wind up divorced or anything, but things are going to be stressful until we figure out how to solve the problem at hand (which, for once, does not stem directly from my mental health issues).  It’s the kind of stress that requires a fair bit of mental energy.   The timing could also be better, though it could be worse, what with graduation on the immediate horizon.

I’m still dancing.   It’s basically the thing that’s keeping me together right now.   I’m annoyed with myself for not seeing this crisis coming, which isn’t helping. 

I  have a few posts on the docket that I’ve been meaning to write, so I may or may not get around to those soon.   For the time being, though, I need to throw my energy into trying to solve this problem.

Thus, apologies in advance for what may be a longish radio silence, and thanks for your patience.

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