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Monday Class: We Got The Beats (Again)

Here’s a little petit allegro combination:
[Brush (back foot) to coté
Brush plié second
Entrachat trois]
Repeat A two more times
Sisson simple

Other side.

This was the final combination today— we didn’t do grand allegro because we ran out of time.

For some reason, I had difficulty getting the changes on this (I kept changing the back foot instead of the front), but once attained it was really nice. Very dance-y.

Prior to that we did royales; like a zillion of them, to make them very clean.

Across-the-floor went:
Pique fouetté
Pique fouetté
Balancé turn
Pas de bourré-fifth
Chassé fourth
Double turn
Plié fourth
Attitude turn to arabesque
Run away*!

*The studio isn’t big enough to do this twice through with any conviction.

I loved this one, once I stopped thinking and just danced.

Pirouette combinations involved a Vaganova thing with turns from second and a brute-force thing with eight repetitions of [plié, turn from fifth].

I managed to do half the turns the wrong way because for some reason I was convinced they were supposed to be en dedans. My brain loves en dedans.

Barre was strange (in a good way), interesting, and full of brain-teasers. Mr. Beastie was very much on form today (in the sense that his combinations were excellent; physically, he’s recovering from a wee hernia).

Both my turnout and my core are holding together better, which makes for better extensions, though my legs were tight today.

I would like to say that I’ll continue to write down the combinations like this, but I can’t always recall them this well.

So that was class. An excellent Monday. I hate my arms less and less each week; little by little, I look less like a big ropy cephalopod and more like a danseur.

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