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The Answer Is Always Pelvic Tilt

… Okay, so not always, always.

But for me, right now, it’s all about getting the pelvic angle just right. And then not letting everything else fall apart.

Surprisingly, I made it through all of Brienne’s class this morning, even though I was definitely feeling Tuesday’s aerials class (which was excellent, by the way). At the start of barre, I really wasn’t sure.

There were, predictably, some awkward moments, but I predict that as I adapt to the new schedule, it’ll get better.

Anyway, I’m definitely pretty cooked right now, but it’s Open House tonight, so Denis & I are going to go dive in to a free class.

I will almost certainly sleep like a baby. Maybe even during class.

That’s it for now; my lunch has arrived, and I’m famished!

À bientôt, mes amis.


Aerials pictures for everyone!


He may be a monkey, but he's *my* monkey!


If you belie—eve ... this is a "Man In The Moon" (I kind of love the way it looks like I'm just napping on the Lyra, here.)

PS: not only are those tights blazingly fabulous, but they are The. Most. Comfortable tights. SRSLY.

Evidently, though, I’mma have to teach Mr. Monkey how to frame a shot.

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