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Peacock Tights

People keep asking where I (or, rather, Denis, technically) found my excellent peacock tights, and I finally remembered to ask him for a link, so I’m going to post it here:

Peacock Tights on eBay

If your browser or WP app is being screwy, here’s a verysion you can copy-and-paste:

I’m having a random tough week. The fact that I slept for fourteen hours last night and keep wheezing makes me think I’m coming down with something. That said, it’s been quite a while (by my standards, anyway) since I’ve been sick enough to be more than a nuisance, so I guess that’s something positive.

Anyway, I may drop off the radar for a bit while I’m trying to get over whatever this thing is, for which I apologize. I hope to be back soon with the first installment in my my much-promised and much-procrastinated-over Cooking With ADHD series.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy the tights!

Errbody Wearin’ Tights

Last semester, I was frequently the only person on campus in tights.

Being as I leave the house at 8 in the morning on a bike and proceed to run around on the bike all day and then head to ballet class, it just makes sense to live my life in tights (jogging tights, usually; capri-length if it’s hot out).

This semester, tights have asploded all over campus. As far as I know, I’m still the only dude in tights (because not everyone can be as cool as Robin Hook, ‘k?), but there are all kinds of girls wearing tights — and I really do mean all kinds. All shapes, sizes, and colors. And I think that’s pretty awesome.

I would like to think that this means that Health At Every Size is starting to make a really visible impact. Hard to say. But, anyway, lots of people are wearing tights, and it’s not just the skinny little societally-approved-image people. And everyone looks pretty great in them.

Personally, I prefer “workout clothes” to regular clothes — as I’ve often said, it’s like you get to wear your pajamas all day! — so I’m down with this.

So that’s it for now. More later.

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