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Ballet Homework! 

BW continues to be amazing, as always. 

Tonight became Turns Class. This resulted in Turns Homework, as follows:

  1. Passé Pulses*: plié & spring into your highest passé whilst shooting arrows of intention from your supporting leg right through the center of the earth and out the other side. Then use the turnouts and the other muscles of the upper leg to pulse the passé just a little higher and back several times without changing anything else.
  2. All The Singles: prepare fifth (to get your turnouts in the game), tendu à la 2nd, rond into a Goldilocks fourth (not too big, not too small), and then: turn, land fourth, plié eight times. Then do the other side. You can do these at the end of class; it takes about a minute.
  3. I Am An Aeroplane**: place your arms à la 2nd and set your feet in a small 2nd (parallel is fine). Keeping everything engaged through the core, rotate back and forth until you want to die. 

*I think this one might be specific to fairly advanced students with a sound passé. You really want to do it at your maximum turnout or you’re going to wind up working the wrong muscles, which isn’t going to help anyone.

**I feel like this one needs video. This is not the aerobics version in which you twist at the waist. It is exactly the opposite of of that. Your whole body moves together. The whole point is that everything remains engaged.

I have, of course, taken the liberty of giving these creative names and memorable descriptions. All three are suitable for use in the kitchen, which is, as all dancers know, where we do our Turns Homework.

The goal, of course, is to prevent handbasketry.

Still pretty much my favorite graphic. I think I’m going to get this printed on a t-shirt.

Advanced Class

So it turns out that, actually, I hold up fairly well in Advanced class. This wasn’t my greatest ballet day ever, but there was nothing I flatly couldn’t do.

I got another useful correction on my turns: evidently, I’ve been dropping out of passé before competing my turns sometimes. Derp.

So paying attention to that makes my turns prettier and more reliable. It should also make my doubles, etc, much better. I think what I’m doing is anticipating the “landing,” as if the floor isn’t going to be there anymore when I put my working leg back down … to which I can say only, “Hurr de durr.”

I was having one of those mildly dysphoric days: every time I looked in the mirror, I was all like, “Yay! Long, slender, graceful arms and — WTF! I am made from two completely different people :(”

Fortunately, I was on a wall barre, and for some reason my brain chose to more or less accept the rear-wheel drive reality of my body by the time we got to little jumps.

So there you have it. Advanced class did not cause me to burst into flames. I acquitted myself acceptably well. Nobody died.

That said, I must now dash off to buy groceries.

I think I shall enjoy this new routine.

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