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Ballet Squid Chronicles: In Which I Can’t Even Even

I guess tonight wasn’t entirely a wash.

They say you’re only learning when you’re making mistakes.

Tonight I must’ve learned a lot.   I was like “MAKE ALL THE MISTAKES!”

My strengths were …  Um, well, my sauté arabesque always looks awesome.   All elastic ‘n’ ballonny and stuff*.

But I think I did literally everything else wrong at least twice.

Oh, I also managed like two good pirouettes out of, I don’t know, maybe a million?   As we’ve established, I can only count to four.  There were more than four.

So, um.   We’ll chalk this one up to experience.  Even Nureyev had bad nights, I’m sure.

*Oh, except got the part where I totally got called out for leaving my shoulder behind. My shoulder was all like, “Dude, just cause Mom makes me hang out with you doesn’t mean I’m not gonna pretend I’m with these other people instead.”

I also did full splits. Both sides. Unexpectedly. My legs were just like, “Oh, do you wanna go all the way down? Okay, no probs.”


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