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Wednesday Class: Body Not So Good Without Brain

I hope I wasn’t a disappointment to l’ancien directeur-artistique today!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about and applying his note about my supporting leg, and it’s coming along.

That said, I had absolutely no brain this morning, and was having trouble remembering combinations, and instead of just being like, “Meh, whatevs, I’ll do the part I do remember and maybe I’ll catch up,” I got rattled.

So there’s that.

In other news, I went to Ye Olde Local Dance Shoppe today in search of MOAR LEGWARMERS (and maybe some suspendery-tights) and, while I didn’t find any of those, I did come home with a new dance belt.

It’s a WearMoi, and apparently they’ve recently redesigned them. It’s really similar in conception and execution to the BodyWrappers M006/M007 (though it splits the difference in terms of waistband-width, coming in at 3″ instead of 2″ or 4″).

Thus far, it seems pretty legit. It’s going to Trapeze 3 tonight, which is a pretty good trial if you ask me (not quite as good as Lyra or Albrecht’s variation, but still pretty good).

Update: I forgot we had lyra class tonight. The WM belt performed admirably in trap 3 (AKA advanced adventures in knot-tying) and in lyra!

Lyra is a heartless breaker of the dreams of dance belts, so this is no small matter.

That’s it for now. Further update to follow. Full initial review pending a good dance class (maybe Company B tomorrow?).

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